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Before submitting, please familiarize yourself with our submissions guidelines.
We welcome new author's submissions. Our editors are looking for high quality literary fiction and nonfiction. We accept submissions via email only. Do not mail query letters or unsolicited manuscripts to our offices, if you are interested in submitting a book proposal to us, please send manuscripts and a short description of your project to submissions at vsppublishing.com. Manuscripts should be submitted in PDF or MSWord formats only. We highly recommend PDF formatting if you want to ensure that your page breaks, indentations, and other manuscript formats are kept as you intend. Please submit in one category only. Simultaneous submissions are fine. Include a 50-word, third person bio. Longer bio will be subject to editing.
Manuscript must be entirely unpublished. Responses can take up to 3 months. Do not follow up on your submission within 6 months. If your submission has been declined, please wait at least three months before submitting again.
Thank you for considering VSP Publishing. We appreciate all of the interest and support, and regret not being able to publish all of the worthy projects that are offered to us.